The Impact of the Protestant Reformation



“The Impact of the Protestant Reformation”

A great many believe there is an elevated idea of freedom, government and rights.  However, this nation would not exist if not for the Reformation.   The grace of being able to know God has separated a great many even before Luther nailed his 95 thesis.  This was never the work of men.  Reformation has been going in through biblical time and it is a key component to our faith.  If we must know God, then we must be REFORMED.  This desire, at its root is to be under the Kingship of Jesus.  It makes for a very challenging life under a world leader and under God.

In 1776, a war with a very small percentage of the settlers and the English army was over to the victory of men that desired liberty to the end of death if not achieved.  But religious freedom and rights were not established.  There was persecution here of ecclesia.

Fifteen years later on December 15th, the government had established its position to protect the church.  The government gave us the freedom to meet and worship our Lord.  The men of congress deemed it our liberty to publish holy works.

What is not seen in the document is Christ.  From the very foundation of this nation we put ourselves at risk to lose our freedoms and rights to compromise the liberties of other religions that have lived under the title secularism, atheism or Islam.

The state of our liberty as believers is no different than those who lived in Rome over a thousand years ago.  In our world today, the system of coexistence which will put the Christian community separatism once again.  Coexistence is a religion unto itself.  There was an attempt to unite under the Universal Church, but that lead to Schism and the Reformation.   And yet we have ideas drifting in and out of Reformed churches like “chrislam”.

If we don’t cling to the reality that we will always be pilgrims until the return of the King, we will be suffer a great many things.  We are already separated by our sins from Him, and this road will separate eternally.

“For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ:” Philippians 3:20

“Now therefore ye are no more strangers and foreigners, but fellowcitizens with the saints, and of the household of God;” Ephesians 2:19



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About reverendmaclellan

David Joseph MacLellan is the pastor of Redeemed Baptist Church, a small Christ centered church in Apache Junction Arizona. In 2014 he answered the call to priesthood and took the oath to serve Jesus Christ as witness to Him to all the world. Countless hours of passionate study, meditation, reflection of the Holy Bible spread out over his life time. A love of biblical etymology to inspire great hermeneutics not only for expository preaching of the gospel, but for his own “knowing” of Jesus Christ. All of this, humbly for the glorification of our coming King! Leading weekly fellowship and worship with Holy Spirit inspired words. He continues to write for short blogs on whatever the Lord sees fit. Not only posted on this site, but on a WordPress page as well. Studying at Liberty University.
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1 Response to The Impact of the Protestant Reformation

  1. Mankind has made a right hash of it all and it won’t be straightened out until Jesus returns. All these Christian sects that have added made up stuff that is not in the Bible, or made their own brand of Christianity and denying the Divinity of Jesus Christ and going so far as calling Him an angel, will all get sorted out. The people that hate Christians and call us the haters are blind, bombastic, egotistical narcissists. They were never interested in the truth but only more fuel for their unholy fire.With the whole world spinning rapidly out of control it will only take the literal presence of Jesus Christ to put it all to a grinding halt. In the meantime, this is not our world. We have to work out way through it until He returns; the appearance of which will turn the insides of the most die hard person (who is not a Christian) to water.


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