My Statement of Faith




I believe what has been come to be known as the Authorized Version of the King James Bible is the Holy Inerrant Word of God.  It is also known as the Holy Bible.  By the will of God Almighty, the commission of translating the original text was done according to His will.  It is given as gift to the reader for edification of our souls; that we be able to “know” God in all of His glory.

  1. The Holy Bible consists of 66 books deemed canonical.
  2. The books of the Holy Bible were written by 40 holy men by inspiration of our Triune God.
  3. [1]The Holy Bible is inerrant and infallible, without error and unable to fail.
  4. [2]The Holy Bible has been preserved for the edification of the elect saints.
  5. The Holy Bible has been preserved for every generation.

[3]God is our provident and loving God, creator of all things.  He exists in Holy Trinity;  God the Father being the origin of all things, God the Son, our redeemer and the Holy Spirit our mighty Paraklete.  Known as one in essence and being and three persons in outward identity. The three, together formed all that we know as creation.  And with the Word, all things were made in six calendar days.

[4]By the voice of our Lord Jesus Christ, the universe was created.  He was born of a virgin to fulfill prophecy, that we may know He was the living God.  Fully man and fully God, He came to fulfill all the laws that we could not keep because of our fallen nature.  [5]He came to justify us of our sins against God and redeem us from the penalty of death.  For all those who truly believe and follow Christ may be saved and have eternal life.  He was crucified by all of us.  [6]Died on the cross and rose again on the third day becoming our King of kings at the right hand of God the Father.

[7]The Holy Spirit is responsible of a great many things from the very rebirth of a wretched soul, the elect of God, to a regenerate Christian.  The Holy Spirit aids, guides and facilitates all things that are in the path of Sanctification.  He also provides us with gifts that God deems necessary to fulfill His Holy will.  Anyone who receives Christ receives the Holy Spirit.

  • [8]Satan does exist, along with a legions of fallen angels, also known as demons and the only can do so by our Sovereign God, which means there is nothing they can do that is not within His will.
  • [9]All men are fallen and therefore separated from God until they receive Christ.
  • [10]Man can not do anything of himself to obtain righteousness.
  • [11]Man was created in the image of God.
  • Whoever truly believes in Jesus Christ and follows [12]Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
  • [13]As God’s chosen elect, you have the assurance of salvation.  If one “falls away” or turns from God, I submit, they were never saved or chosen.
  • [14]The church as we have come to know it has a couple of meanings which are acceptable.  One being the place where the sinners, called out ones, ecclesia, congregate for edification, and worship of our God.  The church is also the bride of Christ and can be considered the individual vessel, person or steward of the word.
  • [15]Full immersion into water is an outward expression and ordinance to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is an expression of our crucifixion with Him that we may be joined with Him forever in the Holiest of Covenantal Marriages.
  • [16]The Lords Super is a required ordinance.  I believe it should be observed as it was by the apostles on that Passover night.  I also believe if the Holy Spirit comes upon someone to partake of sacrament, it is their right to do so at will.  And in no way is the literal body and blood.
  • [17]I do not believe in rapture as we know it.  I believe in the exactly what scripture states, that those who are alive and remain in the end will be caught up after those who died in Christ have risen.  I believe the church will endure tribulation but be protected to a certain extent.  Christ is only having one second coming.
  • [18]Heaven is the Holiest of temples for all the priests and saints of God.  Hell is the eternal burning place for those who chose poorly.


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About reverendmaclellan

David Joseph MacLellan is the pastor of Redeemed Baptist Church, a small Christ centered church in Apache Junction Arizona. In 2014 he answered the call to priesthood and took the oath to serve Jesus Christ as witness to Him to all the world. Countless hours of passionate study, meditation, reflection of the Holy Bible spread out over his life time. A love of biblical etymology to inspire great hermeneutics not only for expository preaching of the gospel, but for his own “knowing” of Jesus Christ. All of this, humbly for the glorification of our coming King! Leading weekly fellowship and worship with Holy Spirit inspired words. He continues to write for short blogs on whatever the Lord sees fit. Not only posted on this site, but on a WordPress page as well. Studying at Liberty University.
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1 Response to My Statement of Faith

  1. The most important thing is to BELIEVE God. Not just believe in Him but to actually Believe Him. It is in times of crisis that our faith is really tested and it is a very real struggle but He is there to help us as well. In many ways, He is more real than the world I can see with my eyes.


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